Amergin provides a complete range of rail financing solutions

Amergin Asset Management buys and leases all railcar types, from new production to end-of-life equipment. We acquire existing on-lease portfolios of railcars and selectively purchase off-lease assets. We provide operators with cost-effective operating lease and flexible finance solutions that achieve our partners’ business objectives through a broad range of products:

   •  Full-service operating lease
   •  Net-operating lease
   •  Per diem lease
   •  Structured transactions
   •  Sale/leasebacks
   •  Portfolio purchase
   •  Capital lease

Industry experts

Our Rail management team are industry veterans with extensive experience across a wide range of disciplines including operating leases, equipment finance and the long-term management and repair of rail equipment.

Scale with us

Fleet size and composition changes over time to exploit commercial opportunities. Our ability to source the right rail cars and modification capability allows us to support that evolution. Whether through sale and lease back of rolling stock, or through placement from our portfolio, we can help you achieve your goals.

“Our extensive industry experience allows us to recognize value where others do not.”

Ken Roseberry, President – Rail

Our clients

Our typical clients include:

   •  Railroads – Class I, II, III
   •  Rail Shippers
   •  Financial Institutions
   •  Operating Lessors
   •  Other Railcar Owners

Focus Markets

Amergin purchases, leases and manages railcars across their entire useful life— from new order production, through midlife management and at end-of-life disposition. We are an active buyer, lessor and manager of railcars and portfolios across all rail asset classes.

  • Acquisition of railcars of all types, from smaller purchases to portfolios of scale, with certainty of closure;
  • Repair and modification of cars;
  • Leasing a variety of railcar rolling stock;
  • Rule 88 rebuilds and AAR extended life programs;
  • Net and full-service operating leasing as well as other assignment and deployment arrangements, such as per diem leasing;
  • Capital lease financing.

Asset Classes

All freight car types as well as general purpose tank cars.

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