We’re investing in our clients’ futures

At Amergin, our focus is to continually build upon our trusted network of investors, sellers and users of rail, aviation and other transportation assets.

We provide tailor-made financing solutions for all our clients to enable them to invest, manufacture, divest and operate aircraft, rail and other long-lived transportation assets

Amergin Asset Management (“AAM”) is a Registered Investment Advisor and specialized private fund manager with offices in Boca Raton and Dublin, focused on investing in transportation and other equipment assets. AAM’s founding investors are public and private business development companies managed by affiliates of Blue Owl Capital Inc. (NYSE: OWL), an industry-leading investment manager. AAM was founded in 2022 by our principals who have a long term record of success in the industry.

A wealth of experience

Our team has a proven track record of performance through multiple asset and business cycles aligning the interests of investors and lessees through our flexible capital allocation strategy and knowledge-driven approach.

Sustainable results

Amergin’s corporate structure, funding capabilities and investment experience provide long term sustainable results for our investors and our clients.

Financial strength

Amergin Asset Management and the resources of our shareholder, Owl Rock, provide confidence, responsiveness, financial expertise and scale.

Building relationships

We believe in building and maintaining relationships through fair dealing, meeting our commitments and personal engagement.







“Amergin’s unique combination of fund and operating management capabilities deliver a more efficient and attractive solution for our investors and industry clients.”

Mark McGreenery, CEO

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